The Reluctant Libertine

by Colors of the Dark

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released March 15, 2017

All songs written, *performed, recorded and produced by Karl Dyner.



all rights reserved


Colors of The Dark New York, New York

C.O.D. is the solo project of Karl Dyner. Born and raised in both Brooklyn and Queens,Karl has been an active musician all his life. Fronting bands in both NYC and San Francisco. During his career he has opened for acts ranging from The Ramones, Johnny Thunders, Hole, System of a Down, Cop Shoot Cop, Stabbing Westward, Candlebox and many others. He now lives and writes primarily in the Catskills. ... more

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Track Name: Just like the Last
Baby's got it bad.
Baby's got it blue.
Baby wants to go somewhere, but she don't know what to do?

She throws on an old overcoat as she walks out through the door.
She pass by all those old rock n roll tapes and those bodies splayed out on the floor.
She says, ive been down this road before and I got a feeling that today's gonna be just like the last.

He walks down those snowy streets, he got holes in his boots.
He gonna be a big rock n roll star if he could just write some hooks.
He pulls up the gate of the shop as he shakes off the cold.
Its 6am and dark outside as the delivery truck rolls up to the door.
And he says ive got a bad, bad, bad feeling that today's gonna be just like the last.
Oh help me.
Just like the last!

When she came here from Texas she was half out of her mind.
Her old man was a meth-head, beat her all the time.
He was from New York City, where the streets were his home.
One thing they knew is they don't wanna be alone.

So don't tell me be happy when you know that im sad.
Cause the way that im feeling, I got a feeling that today might just be my last.

It's two in the morning when she walks into the bar.
She looks across that smokey room and see's a young man playing guitar.
He's got holes in his boots, and she's got a smile in the eye.
They slow dance to some old Neil Young Helples while the bar man bides his time.

They got a good, good, good feeling that today aint gonna be like the last.
Track Name: Voyeur Vampirella
She wearing six inch heels and she's dancing by the radio.
She stands six foot tall and she's dancing to the radio.
She got long black hair, ruby lips and skin that glow.
And she's shaking those hips to the music on the radio.

She making me sweat I can't sleep at night,
she like a vampire twitching till the break of light.
Baby, baby, baby theres dew in the valley below.

Baby, baby, baby won't you please pull the damn shades down.
Im begging baby, baby, baby won't you please pull the damned shades down.

Oooh you're making me crazy and I'm just about to explode.
You got me knocking like a hammer at the walls with no place to go.
You got those Bettie Page bangs and those legs so long, and a little black dress that beckons me on.

Baby, baby, baby theres dew in the valley tonight.

Now wait a minute!
Lets take a step down there boys!
Yeah, thats it.

You know, I've been watching you through the window for weeks now girl.
And I'm pretty sure you been watching me!
I was trying to figure out my next move when all of a sudden I heard.

(Bang, Bang, Bang)
Who can that be knocking at my door?

I heard!
(Bang, bang, bang!)
Who could that be knocking on my door?

Cant you see I'm sitting here I'm trying to get me some relief.
Im like a '69 Camaro in the red burning up the sheets.
I walked down the hall and I opened the door I saw those Bettie Page bangs and those legs so long.
Baby, baby, baby theres action in the valley tonight. Alright!

Baby, baby....

Pull down the shades girl!